The Hermle Floating Balance

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The Hermle Floating Balance – Adjusting the Beat & Increasing the Speed



The balance wheel is contained within the bracket. This bracket is
sometimes referred to as the floating balance unit. There are no balance
staff pivots. Instead, the balance staff is a hollow tube. A taut steel wire
runs through the tube. The hairspring is a double helical or cylindrical
spring. One end is attached to a stud at the top of the bracket. The other
end is colleted and attached normally at a point above the balance staff.
The length of the spring is adjusted to make the balance wheel float
suspended above the bottom of the bracket. This suspension of the wheel
eliminates a great deal of friction as well as providing for shock-proofing. To
run properly, the balance wheel must be kept close to a horizontal position.
This self-contained balance unit needs no lubricating. It can be
cleaned by rinsing in a good quality solvent (99% isopropryl alcohol or one
dip hairspring cleaner) and blown dry. The thin wire is fragile, always handle
the unit with care.
Normally all adjustments are made at the factory. Do not make any
alterations unless malfunctioning clearly indicates a speclfic problem.
Banking pins are formed from the bottom of the steel bracket. These
are to be open only enough to allow proper drop at entrance and exit pins.
These pins should “rest” about ¾ of the way down the locking surface
of the escape wheel. For practally sake anywhere from ½ the way down to
almost the bottom of the locking surface will suffice.


The roller jewel consists of two polished pins. These must not rub the
side of the fork excessively. Nor can they have too much shake in the fork
The head of the fork has been tipped at right angles to the fork stem.
The right side or horn of the fork is elongated to form a guard pin. This pin
works in conjunction with the "C" shaped safety roller. Interaction of the
vertical guard pin and the C roller prevents the escapement from rebanking.
When the balance wheel is in a counterclockwise swing, the pin rides just
clear of the outside of the C safety roller. A clockwise swing brings the
guard pin inside the C where it rides just clear again. If sluggish balance
wheel action is present, check to see that the guard pin is not dragging
inside or outside the C roller. During this check, the fork is against the
banking pin. Diagram (3).
Regulating for fast and slow consists of sliding the two-small weights
attached ...
The Hermle Floating Balance – Adjusting the Beat & Increasing the Speed
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