ACEH v8 Labs Module 02 Footprinting and Reconnaissance

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CEH Lab Manual

Footprinting and
Module 02

Module 02 - Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Footprirvting a Target Network
Footprinting refers to uncovering and collecting as much information aspossible
regarding a target netn ork

Lab Scenario
Test your
sA Web exercise

Workbook review

Penetration testing is much more than just running exploits against vulnerable
systems like we learned about 111 the previous module. 111 fact, a penetration test
begins before penetration testers have even made contact with the victim’s
systems. Rather than blindly throwing out exploits and praying that one of
them returns a shell, a penetration tester meticulously studies the environment
for potential weaknesses and their mitigating factors. By the time a penetration
tester runs an exploit, he or she is nearly certain that it will be successful. Since
failed exploits can 111 some cases cause a crash or even damage to a victim
system, or at the very least make the victim un-exploitable 111 the tumre,
penetration testers won't get the best results, or deliver the most thorough
report to then‫ ־‬clients, if they blindly turn an automated exploit machine on the
victim network with no preparation.

Lab Objectives
The objective of the lab is to extract information concerning the target
organization that includes, but is not limited to:
■ IP address range associated with the target
■ Purpose of organization and why does it exists
■ How big is the organization? What class is its assigned IP Block?
■ Does the organization freely provide information on the type of
operating systems employed and network topology 111 use?
■ Type of firewall implemented, either hardware or software or
combination of both
■ Does the organization allow wireless devices to connect to wired
■ Type of remote access used, either SSH or \T N
■ Is help sought on IT positions that give information on network
services provided by the organization?

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Module 02 - Footprinting and Reconnaissance

■ IdentitV organization’s users who can disclose their personal
information that can be used for social engineering and assume such
possible usernames
& Tools
dem onstrated in
this lab are
available in
Module 02
Footprinting and
R econnaissance

Lab Environment
Tins lab requires:

CEH Lab Manual
Footprinting and
Module 02
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