Agile Web Development with Rails 4th

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Important Information

About Rails Versions
This book is written for Rails 3.
The Rails core team is continuing to work on Rails. From time to time, new
releases may introduce incompatibilities for applications written for prior
versions of Rails, including the code in this book.
To run the examples provided in this book, it is important that you install
the correct version of Rails, as described in Chapter 1, Installing Rails, on
page 24
To determine the version of Rails that you are running, you can issue rails -v
at a command prompt.
Information on changes to Rails that affect this book can be found at http://

Sam, Dave, and David

When I started learning Ruby on Rails, I read the first edition of this book.
Its holistic view of the Rails framework and community provides any new
developer the kick start they need to a highly successful career. After reading
through the latest edition cover to cover, I can happily say that it continues
that trend and remains the first book I recommend to any new Rails developer.
Mikel Lindsaar
Rails core commit team, creator of the Ruby Mail library, and
director, RubyX
Agile Web Development with Rails does an excellent job of making the Rails
environment accessible in an enjoyable and memorable way. In addition, this
book is the first I’ve seen that provides a sensible and coherent explanation
of the MVC pattern, and it does so in a natural progression using examples
that completely remove any mystery.
Ken Coar
Author, open software evangelist, and Apache developer
Agile Web Development with Rails successfully straddles a fine line between
being a fun-to-read introduction to Rails (and Ruby) and a straightforward
guide to some advanced features of the platform, nicely supplanting the everchanging online documentation.
Glen Daniels
Independent technologist and consultant
I’ve never read a programming book as successful as Agile Web Development
with Rails. Sam made learning Ruby on Rails easy, comprehensive, and fun.
Keith Ballinger
Chairman of WS-I’s first Basic Profile working group; author; and
key contributor to the .NET and Visual Studio .NET frameworks

Agile Web Development with Rails
Fourth Edition
Sam Ruby
Dave Thomas
David Heinemeier Hansson

Leon Breedt
Mike Clark
James Duncan Davidson
Justin Gehtland
Andreas Schwarz

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dallas, Texas

Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish thei...
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