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Mastering Web Application
Development with AngularJS
Build single-page web applications using the power of

Pawel Kozlowski
Peter Bacon Darwin


Mastering Web Application
Development with AngularJS
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First published: August 2013

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Project Coordinators

Pawel Kozlowski

Arshad Sopariwala

Peter Bacon Darwin

Priyanka Goel



Stephane Bisson

Judith Bill

Miško Hevery

Bernadette Watkins

Lee Howard
Acquisition Editors

Monica Ajmera Mehta

Rukhsana Khambatta
Pramila Balan
Lead Technical Editor

Ronak Dhruv
Abhinash Sahu

Dayan Hyames
Production Coordinator
Technical Editors

Aditi Gajjar

Shashank Desai
Krishnaveni Haridas
Saumya Kunder

Cover Work
Aditi Gajjar

About the Authors
Pawel Kozlowski has over 15 years of professional experience in web

development and was fortunate enough to work with variety of web technologies,
languages, and platforms. He is not afraid of hacking both at client side and server
side and always searches for the most productive tools and processes.
Pawel strongly believes in free, open source software. He has been very committed
in the AngularJS project and also is very active in the AngularJS community. He also
contributes to Angular UI – the companion suite to the AngularJS framework, where
he foc...
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