Anroid 2.2 user's Guide

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Android 2.2.1
User’s Guide

October 23, 2010
Android™ mobile technology platform 2.2.1


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Android User’s Guide


About this guide 11
Android basics 15
Starting Android for the first time 16
If you don’t have a SIM card in your GSM phone 16
Your Google Account 16
Additional accounts 18
Google services 18
Getting to know the Home screen 19
Using the touchscreen 22
Using the phone’s buttons 23
Using the Trackball 24
Working with menus 25
Options menus 25
Context menus 26
Monitoring your phone’s status 27
Status icons 27
Managing notifications 29
Using the onscreen keyboard 31
Entering text by speaking 34
Editing text 36
Opening and switching applications 38
Locking your screen 40
Customizing the Home screen 41
Connecting quickly with your contacts 43
Optimizing battery life 44

Connecting to networks and devices 47
Connecting to mobile networks 48
Connecting to Wi-Fi networks 50
Connecting to Bluetooth devices 53
Connecting to a computer via USB 56

Android User’s Guide


Sharing your phone’s mobile data connection 58
Connecting to virtual private networks 61
Working with secure certificates 63

Placing and receiving calls 65
Placing and ending calls 66
Answering or rejecting calls 68
Working with the Call log 70
Calling your contacts 72
Listening to your voicemail 73
Dialing by voice 74
Options during a call 75
Managing multiple calls 77

Searching by text and voice 79
Searching your phone and the web 80
Changing Google Search settings 85
Search settings screen 85
Google Search settings screen 85
Using Voice Actions 86
Voice Action commands 89

Contacts 93
Opening your contacts 94
Adding contacts 96
Importing, exporting, and sharing contacts 97...
Android 2.2.1
User’s Guide
October 23, 2010
Android™ mobile technology platform 2.2.1
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