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Praise for Learning Android Application
Programming for the Kindle Fire

“Now is a great time to learn how to program for the Kindle Fire, and this book is
the perfect companion for your journey! Distilled within the text are the proven
techniques, best practices, and hard-won wisdom of two of the mobile industry’s
leading pioneers. You’ll be programming Kindle Fire apps in no time!”
—Mark Hammonds, Mobile Engineer, and Managing Editor, Mobiletuts+
“Learning Android Application Programming for the Kindle Fire is a must-have
developers‘ resource specific to the Kindle Fire. This book takes you from SDK
installation to APK publication with lots of examples and tips along the way.”
—Jim Hathaway, Web Developer
“If you want to bring your application to Amazon’s exciting new Android-based tablet,
look no further than this book. Darcey and Conder show you how to go from idea to
application for the Kindle Fire quickly and clearly with a sample application that shows
you everything you’ll need to build your application. Along the way, you’ll pick up
valuable tips on developing software in general.”
—Ray Rischpater, Senior Research Engineer, Nokia Research Center
“I used Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder’s books to start developing Android apps fast.
I knew iOS development but needed to learn the basics of Android development. This
was a great book to show me how, and I started coding the same day.”
—Scott Walker, Developer



Addison-Wesley Learning Series

Visit informit.com/learningseries for a complete list of available publications.

The Addison-Wesley Learning Series is a collection of hands-on programming
guides that help you quickly learn a new technology or language so you can
apply what you’ve learned right away.
Each title comes with sample code for the application or applications built in
the text. This code is fully annotated and can be reused in your own projects
with no strings attached. Many chapters end with a series of exercises to
encourage you to reexamine what you have just learned, and to tweak or
adjust the code as a way of learning.
Titles in this series take a simple approach: they get you going right away and
leave you with the ability to walk off and build your own application and apply
the language or technology to whatever you are working on.

Learning Android™
for the Kindle Fire™

This page intentionally left blank

Learning Android™
for the Kindle Fire™
A Hands-On Guide to...
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