Dynamic Domain Name System

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DDNS(Dynamic Domain Name System)

1. What is DDNS Service?
DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) is a service that maps domain names to IP addreesses. DDNS serves a
similar purpose to DNS. Unlike DNS that only works with static IP addresses, DDNS works with dynamic IP
addresses, such as those assigned by ISP or other DHCP server. And it provides client machines with a static
DNS name even if their IP address is dynamically assigned.
DDNS is popular with home networkers, who typically receive dynamic, frequently-changing IP addresses from
their service provider. To use DDNS, one simply signs up with a provider and installs network software on their
host to monitor its IP address.
(Web Monitoring, Remote Access Software)

2. System Flow Diagram

(4) PC

USER ID & Password issuing from DDNS Web site
GROUP / HOST issuing (Domain name/ Password)

(1) DVR

DDNS information input

(1) DVR Æ (2) DDNS Server

Transmitting DVR information to DDNS Server

(2) DDNS Server Æ (1) DVR

Domain name & password Validation


(2) DDNS Server Æ (3) DNS

Renew domain IP in DNS server in case of New domain name

(2) DDNS Server Æ (1) DVR

Response message transmission: ACT, ERR (0x8000800x)

(1) DVR

ACT / ERROR display on Status screen

(4) PC

Remotely access using domain dame to DVR in
Remote Software

DDNS website / URL /

3. DDNS System Operation
3.1 DDNS USER Registration
Please register new login user to user DDNS service in DVR.

Select “Sign Up (Create Account)”
Registration creates an account with rifatron.net that protect your settings from unauthorized change.
Enter the information below which is required (Mandatory Clause)

Mandatory Clause

1. USER ID: ID to log in to DDNS website

2. Password / Confirm Password:
Enter a secret password and retype
password to confirm

.After entering User ID,please check whether User ID is already taken or not by clicking “Duplicate Check”on the
right. After “Duplicate Check”Window appears, make sure to click “Close”to close the window. If “Duplicate
Check” Flagt is not completly set, User registration can not be successfully completed.
If you set Pop-up blocker to prevent Pop-up window from appearing, deactivate Pop-up Blocker
in“Tools-Internet Option-Privacy”

. Enter “Mandatory Clause” and “Option”. And then select “Submit”button.


Error Message List
1. USER ID Duplicate Error
2. USER EMAIL Duplicate Error
3. INTERNAL ERROR (Internal Server Error such as WEB SERVER DOWN, DATABASE)

3.2 DDNS USER Si...
DDNS(Dynamic Domain Name System)
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