Embedded Computing

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Praise for Embedded Computing: A VLIW
Approach to Architecture, Compilers
and Tools

There is little doubt that embedded computing is the new frontier of computer research.
There is also a consensus that VLIW technology is extremely powerful in this domain.
This book speaks with an authoritative voice on VLIW for embedded with true technical
depth and deep wisdom from the pioneering experiences of the authors. This book will
find a place on my shelf next to the classic texts on computer architecture and compiler
optimization. It is simply that good.
Tom Conte Center for Embedded Systems Research, North Carolina State University
Written by one of the field’s inventors with his collaborators, this book is the first complete
exposition of the VLIW design philosophy for embedded systems. It can be read as a
stand-alone reference on VLIW — a careful treatment of the ISA, compiling and program
analysis tools needed to develop a new generation of embedded systems — or as a series
of design case studies drawn from the authors’ extensive experience. The authors’ style
is careful yet informal, and the book abounds with “flames,” debunked “fallacies” and
other material that engages the reader in the lively interplay between academic research
and commercial development that has made this aspect of computer architecture so
exciting. Embedded Computing: A VLIW Approach to Architecture, Compilers, and
Tools will certainly be the definitive treatment of this important chapter in computer
Richard DeMillo Georgia Institute of Technology
This book does a superb job of laying down the foundations of VLIW computing and conveying how the VLIW principles have evolved to meet the needs of embedded computing.
Due to the additional attention paid to characterizing a wide range of embedded applications and development of an accompanying toolchain, this book sets a new standard
both as a reference and a text for embedded computing.
Rajiv Gupta The University of Arizona
A wealth of wisdom on a high-performance and power-efficient approach to embedded
computing. I highly recommend it for both engineers and students.
Norm Jouppi HP Labs

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Praise for Embedded Computing


Josh, Paolo, and Cliff have devoted most of their professional lives to developing and
advancing the fundamental research and use of VLIW architectures and instruction
level parallelism. They are also system-builders in the best and broadest ...
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