Everyday scripting with Ruby

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What readers are saying about
Everyday Scripting with Ruby

What a wondrous collection of recipes, guidelines, warnings, comprehensive examples, metaphors, exercises, and questions! It’s a terrific
value to software testing practitioners who want to get the most from
their test automation effort.
Grigori Melnik
Lecturer, University of Calgary
A fantastic type-along-with-me introduction to a powerful scripting
language that starts in the shallows and then moves into the depths
turning the reader into an accomplished Ruby scripter, almost without them noticing it!
Erik Petersen
Finally a hands-on book that is filled with gems of wisdom for the testing community. By following the book’s easy-to-read chapters, real-life
code samples, and superb coverage of complex topics like test-driven
design and inheritance, a tester will not only take her testing career to
the next level but also contribute immensely to the software development at her organization.
Gunjan Doshi
VP of Product Development and Process Excellence,
Community Connect, Inc
Marick explains the Ruby language using a series of short, practical
examples. Watir users and other testers who want to learn Ruby will
find it very accessible.
Bret Pettichord
Lead Developer, Watir

When you’ve read this book, you will be able to automate software
tests, which will give you an edge on most of your QA workmates. You
will be able to program in Ruby, which is a joy in itself. You will have
created several very useful utilities and will know how to adapt them
to meet your particular needs. All of the above will have been achieved
briskly and pleasantly. You will become a more effective tester and,
most likely, will have a fine time in the process.
George Hawthorne
Consultant, Oblomov Consulting
The book is an excellent read, is very informative, and covers a lot of
ground in a relatively slim book. I think this is always a good idea.
I have a lot of 800+ page tech books that I’ve read about the first
half or two thirds of, because they are padded toward the end with
very esoteric information. This book held my interest throughout—I
have a full-time job and a ten-month-old son and still managed to get
through these examples in around a week! Brian’s personality comes
through (e.g., the Kennel containing Barkers) in a good way that helps
rather than hinders in understanding the material.
Paddy Healey
Enterprise Systems Engineer, Aventail Corporation
The chapters, examples, and exercises on regular express...
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