From Java to Ruby

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What readers are saying about From Java to Ruby

Bruce has a great reputation as a forward-leaning thinker, and he
articulates his opinions well. The mix of audience (Manager and
Developer) leans towards managers, but he manages to pull this difficult mix off well. It is just as good as I would expect from Bruce, having read his other works.
Neal Ford
Author, speaker, and architect, Thoughtworks
Many leading developers are already sold on the idea that Ruby can
benefit their organizations—however, most of us still have to convince
our management. With Bruce Tate’s Java to Ruby, we have a powerful
ally in our quest to add this fantastic language to our toolbox.
Nathaniel T. Schutta
Co-author, Foundations of Ajax
This is a book that every die hard Java developer should read. The
strategy of integrating current Java Enterprise assets with Ruby’s
productivity can bring the edge that an organization needs to remain
competitive, react quicker to requirements, market shifts and ultimately more agile.
Miguel Serrano
Enterprise Architect, VWR International
This book provides an excellent overview of the important Ruby components and concepts to the Java developer.
Jeffrey Blessing, Ph.D.
Professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering

From Java to Ruby
Things Every Manager Should Know
Bruce Tate

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