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What Readers Are Saying About Pragmatic Guide to Sass

Pragmatic Guide to Sass is a snappy little book that effectively hits you with
the right dose of Sass magic to either pick up Sass as a newcomer or give
you a refresher if you’re already using it. The guide is written in a style
that’s both a tutorial and a reference at the same time, and it’ll be a handy
go-to book for anyone working with Sass, whether on a daily basis or only
on rare occasions. It gets two thumbs-up from me.
➤ Peter Cooper, editor of Ruby Inside and HTML5 Weekly
Sass is the best way to write maintainable CSS. This Pragmatic guide will
get you up to speed on Sass’s most powerful features, including nesting,
variables, and mixins—an invaluable reference.
➤ Sam Stephenson, creator of Sprockets and the Rails asset pipeline

Michael and Hampton, in Pragmatic Guide to Sass, have put together the
most comprehensive and thought-out guide to Sass to date. No matter
what server-side technology you use, Sass can be used in anyone’s development stack to help organize your CSS. Pragmatic Guide to Sass shows
you the best practices in DRYing up your CSS with the power of Sass. It
teaches you how to become a CSS heavyweight without the bloated CSS.
This book should be on every web developer’s shelf (and e-reader).
➤ Andrew Chalkley, technical writer, Screencasts.org
Chock-full of unexpected goodies such as extras on Compass and Haml,
Pragmatic Guide to Sass is hands-down the best Sass resource printed to
date—a must-read for web developers and smart designers.
➤ Dan Kissell, Codenicely.com

Pragmatic Guide to Sass

Hampton Catlin
Michael Lintorn Catlin

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Dallas, Texas • Raleigh, North Carolina

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