Head First Programming

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Advance Praise for Head First Programming
“Head First Programming does a great job teaching programming using an iterative process. Add a little,
explain a little, make the program a little better. This is how programming works in the real world
and Head First Programming makes use of that in a teaching forum. I recommend this book to anyone
who wants to start dabbling in programming but doesn’t know where to start. I’d also recommend this
book to anyone not necessarily new to programming, but curious about Python. It’s a great intro to
programming in general and programming Python specifically.”
— Jeremy Jones, Coauthor of Python for Unix and Linux System Administration
“David Griffiths and Paul Barry have crafted the latest gem in the Head First series. Do you use a
computer, but are tired of always using someone else’s software? Is there something you wish your
computer would do but wasn’t programmed for? In Head First Programming, you’ll learn how to write
code and make your computer do things your way.”
— Bill Mietelski, Software Engineer
“Head First Programming provides a unique approach to a complex subject. The early chapters make
excellent use of metaphors to introduce basic programming concepts used as a foundation for the rest
of the book. This book has everything, from web development to graphical user interfaces and game
— Doug Hellmann, Senior Software Engineer, Racemi
“A good introduction to programming using one of the best languages around, Head First Programming
uses a unique combination of visuals, puzzles, and exercises to teach programming in a way that is
approachable and fun.”
— Ted Leung, Principal Software Engineer, Sun Microsystems

Praise for other Head First books
“Kathy and Bert’s Head First Java transforms the printed page into the closest thing to a GUI you’ve ever
seen. In a wry, hip manner, the authors make learning Java an engaging ‘what’re they gonna do next?’
— Warren Keuffel, Software Development Magazine
“Beyond the engaging style that drags you forward from know-nothing into exalted Java warrior status, Head
First Java covers a huge amount of practical matters that other texts leave as the dreaded ‘exercise for the
reader....’ It’s clever, wry, hip and practical—there aren’t a lot of textbooks that can make that claim and live
up to it while also teaching you about object serialization and network launch protocols.”
— Dr. Dan Russell, Director of User Sciences and Experience Researc...
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