I O Bus Networks Including Device Net

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A Special Note To
Our Customers
Here’s a valuable PLC reference that you can use right now. This particular
reference is taken from our award-winning textbook—Programmable
Controllers: Theory and Implementation, 2nd Edition.
In it, you’ll learn about I/O bus networks—the powerful network that
lets controllers better communicate with their I/O field devices. There’s
also lots of examples and tables to help explain the topics.
Best yet, we’ve included the corresponding chapter from the companion
workbook. Here you can look over the key points as well as see how
much you learned by answering the review questions. And, yes, the
answers are also included.
This PLC reference is just a sample of what the textbook and workbook
have to offer. If you like it, we’ve included the product literature page
with the order number.

Industrial Text & Video Company

PLC Reference Book
You covered a huge amount of detail very well. It was
very easy to understand.
—Jeff Camp, United Control Corp.

The biggest book on PLCs. Written by industry experts, this book covers
important, up-to-date, real-world programmable controller topics and
applications. This new edition is completely revised and updated to give you the
latest developments and insights from the field. At 5 pounds and 1,035 pages, it
puts all the PLC information you need at your fingertips. And, since this is a
generic PLC reference, it will help you with all of the different makes and models
of PLCs in your facility.
But, this book is about more than just PLCs—it also thoroughly explains process
control, instrumentation, and plant networks. Whether you’re already an expert on
PLCs or just starting out, our problem-solving approach is guaranteed to help you succeed.
Catalog# ABT-ITV206BOOK $88

• Valuable Maintenance Tips •

21 Chapters of PLC Know-How

Introduction to Programmable Controllers


Number Systems and Codes


Logic Concepts


Processors, the Power Supply, and
Programming Devices


The Memory System and I/O Interaction


The Discrete Input/Output System


The Analog Input/Output System


Special Function I/O and Serial
Communication Interfacing


Programming Languages


The IEC-1131 Standard and Programming Language


System Programming and Implementation


PLC System Documentation


Data Measurements and Transducers


Process Responses and Transfer Functions


Process Controllers and Loop Tuning
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