In Praise of Engineering a Compiler

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In Praise of Engineering a Compiler Second Edition
Compilers are a rich area of study, drawing together the whole world of computer science in
one, elegant construction. Cooper and Torczon have succeeded in creating a welcoming guide to
these software systems, enhancing this new edition with clear lessons and the details you simply
must get right, all the while keeping the big picture firmly in view. Engineering a Compiler is an
invaluable companion for anyone new to the subject.
Michael D. Smith
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
John H. Finley, Jr. Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
The Second Edition of Engineering a Compiler is an excellent introduction to the construction
of modern optimizing compilers. The authors draw from a wealth of experience in compiler
construction in order to help students grasp the big picture while at the same time guiding
them through many important but subtle details that must be addressed to construct an effective optimizing compiler. In particular, this book contains the best introduction to Static Single
Assignment Form that I’ve seen.
Jeffery von Ronne
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Engineering a Compiler increases its value as a textbook with a more regular and consistent
structure, and with a host of instructional aids: review questions, extra examples, sidebars, and
marginal notes. It also includes a wealth of technical updates, including more on nontraditional
languages, real-world compilers, and nontraditional uses of compiler technology. The optimization material—already a signature strength—has become even more accessible and clear.
Michael L. Scott
Computer Science Department
University of Rochester
Author of Programming Language Pragmatics
Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon present an effective treatment of the history as well as a
practitioner’s perspective of how compilers are developed. Theory as well as practical real
world examples of existing compilers (i.e. LISP, FORTRAN, etc.) comprise a multitude of effective discussions and illustrations. Full circle discussion of introductory along with advanced
“allocation” and “optimization” concepts encompass an effective “life-cycle” of compiler
engineering. This text should be on every bookshelf of computer science students as well as
professionals involved with compiler engineering and development.
David Orleans
Nova Southeastern University

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