Information Systems Analysis and Design

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Information Systems
Analysis and Design

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1. Information Systems: the big picture
2. Information Systems for competitive advantage
3. Organizational Information Systems
4. Entreprise-Wide Information Systems
5. Information Systems Development & Acquisition
6. Managing the Information Systems Project
7. Systems Planning
8. Determining System Requirements
9. Structuring System Requirements: Process Modeling
10. Structuring System Requirements: Conceptual Data Modeling
11. Object Oriented Analysis and Design
12. Designing the Human Interface
13. Systems Implementation and Operation


Chapter 1
Information Systems:
The Big Picture

Chapter 1 Objectives

Understand the term information systems (IS)
Understand IS components:
Technology, people, organizations

Understand IS career opportunities
Understand types of information systems
Understand IS and organizational success or failure
Understand the future of IS management


Information Systems Defined

Combinations of hardware, software, and
telecommunications networks that people
build and use to collect, create, and distribute
useful data in organizations


Key Elements of Information Systems



Data: raw material, unformatted information
Information: processed data (meaningful)
Knowledge: understanding relationships
between pieces of information
Wisdom: knowledge accumulated and applied


Knowledge as a Business Resource

Knowledge Worker
A well-educated professional who creates,
modifies, or synthesizes knowledge in one’s

Knowledge Society
Also called digital society, new economy
Working with brains instead of hands
The importance of education
Digital divide


Technology and Information Systems

Computer-Based Information Systems
One type of technology
Technology – any mechanical and/or electrical means to
supplement, extend, or replace human activity
Information Technology (IT) – machine technology
controlled by or using information

The goal of IS is to provide useful data to users
IS can be local or global, organizational or enterprise-wide


IS Managerial Personnel

IS director
Account Executive
Info Center Manager
Development Manager
Project Manager
Maintenance Manager
Systems Manager
IS planning Manager
Operations Manager
Programming Manager

Systems Programming
Manager of Emerging
Network Manager
Database Administrator
Auditing or Computer
Security Manager
Information Systems
Analysis and Design
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Information Systems Analysis and Design - Trang 2
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