JQuery 1.1.4

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JQuery 1.1.4

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1. Core
$(String expr, Element|jQuery context) returns jQuery
This function accepts a string containing a CSS or basic XPath selector which is then used to
match a set of elements.
The core functionality of jQuery centers around this function. Everything in jQuery is based upon
this, or uses this in some way. The most basic use of this function is to pass in an expression
(usually consisting of CSS or XPath), which then finds all matching elements.
By default, if no context is specified, $() looks for DOM elements within the context of the current
HTML document. If you do specify a context, such as a DOM element or jQuery object, the
expression will be matched against the contents of that context.
See [[DOM/Traversing/Selectors]] for the allowed CSS/XPath syntax for expressions.

Finds all p elements that are children of a div element.
$("div > p")

<p>one</p> <div><p>two</p></div> <p>three</p>

[ <p>two</p> ]

Searches for all inputs of type radio within the first form in the document
$("input:radio", document.forms[0])

This finds all div elements within the specified XML document.
$("div", xml.responseXML)

$(String html) returns jQuery
Create DOM elements on-the-fly from the provided String of raw HTML.

Creates a div element (and all of its contents) dynamically, and appends it to the body element.
Internally, an element is created and its innerHTML property set to the given markup. It is
therefore both quite flexible and limited.

$(Element|Array<Element> elems) returns jQuery
Wrap jQuery functionality around a single or multiple DOM Element(s).
This function also accepts XML Documents and Window objects as valid arguments (even though
they are not DOM Elements).

Sets the background color of the page to black.
$(document.body).css( "background", "black" );

Hides all the input elements within a form
$( myForm.elements ).hide()

$(Function fn) returns jQuery
A shorthand for $(document).ready(), allowing you to bind a function to be executed when the
DOM document has finished loading. This function behaves just like $(document).ready(), in that it
should be used to wrap other $() operations on your page that depend on the DOM being ready to
be operated on. While...
JQuery 1.1.4
Documentation generated automatically from source on Sun, 26 Aug 2007 11:44:17 GMT
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