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A Beginner’s Guide

About the Authors
James A. Brannan is a senior developer with more than
15 years of experience. He has developed using everything
from AWK, to Visual Basic, to Java. His current interests
are iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Adobe Flex/Flash. He is
only $999,000 short of being the next app store overnight
millionaire. He lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland, with his wife,
two kids, two Macs, and bicycle.
Blake Ward has a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie
Mellon University and has spent more than 30 years
programming and managing software development. He has
developed for a wide variety of mobile devices, ranging from the
Apple Newton and Palm Pilot to RIM’s Blackberry, the iPhone
and iPad, and Android phones. Blake has worked as a researcher
and in management at Apple, Xerox PARC, and numerous
startups. He is currently an independent iPhone and Android
developer, available through 

About the Technical Editor
Born to golf, forced to work, Steven Weber, a Java Web
Applications engineer, has ten years application development
under his belt. He’s dabbled in iOS application development
and released one corporate application since the launch of
Apple’s App Store. He’s currently living it up in the Colorado

A Beginner’s Guide

James A. Brannan
Blake Ward

New York Chicago San Francisco
Lisbon London Madrid Mexico City
Milan New Delhi San Juan
Seoul Singapore Sydney Toronto

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