Learning Cocos2D

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Praise for Learning Cocos2D

“If you’re looking to create an iPhone or iPad game, Learning Cocos2D should
be the first book on your shopping list. Rod and Ray do a phenomenal
job of taking you through the entire process from concept to app, clearly
explaining both how to do each step as well as why you’re dong it.”
—Jeff LaMarche, Principal, MartianCraft, LLC, and coauthor of Beginning iPhone
Development (Apress, 2009)

“This book provides an excellent introduction to iOS 2D game development. Beyond that, the book also provides one of the best introductions to
Box2D available. I am truly impressed with the detail and depth of Box2D
—Erin Catto, creator of Box2D

“Warning: reading this book will make you need to write a game! Learning
Cocos2D is a great fast-forward into writing the next hit game for iOS—
definitely a must for the aspiring indie iOS game developer (regardless of
experience level)! Thanks, Rod and Ray, for letting me skip the learning
curve; you’ve really saved my bacon!”
—Eric Hayes, Principle Engineer, Brewmium LLC (and Indie iOS Developer)

“Learning Cocos2D is an outstanding read, and I highly recommend it to any
iOS developer wanting to get into game development with Cocos2D. This
book gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to write an iOS game
without having to be a math and OpenGL whiz.”
—Kirby Turner, White Peak Software, Inc.

“Learning Cocos2D is both an entertaining and informative book; it covers
everything you need to know about creating games using Cocos2D.”
—Fahim Farook, RookSoft (rooksoft.co.nz)

“This is the premiere book on Cocos2D! After reading this book you will
have a firm grasp of the framework, and you will be able to create a few
different types of games. Rod and Ray get you quickly up to speed with
the basics in the first group of chapters. The later chapters cover the more
advanced features, such as parallax scrolling, CocosDenshion, Box2D,
Chipmunk, particle systems, and Apple Game Center. The authors’ writing
style is descriptive, concise, and fun to read. This book is a must have!”
—Nick Waynik, iOS Developer

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