Learning XNA 4.0

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Learning XNA 4.0

Learning XNA 4.0

Aaron Reed

Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Tokyo

About the Author
Aaron Reed has extensive software development experience and, more importantly,
experience in software development education. He has taught many courses at
Neumont University on topics such as .NET, web development and web services,
DirectX, XNA, and systems design and architecture.
Aaron’s experience in teaching DirectX and XNA for several years to university-level
students helps him understand what topics are easily understood and which ones need
more depth and emphasis. Through his experiences in the classroom, he has developed
a good understanding of what format and sequence makes the most sense when presenting the material. This book follows that format and is meant to present game development concepts in the most efficient and comprehensible way, as proven in the
classroom. When he’s not teaching, writing, or developing, Aaron can usually be found
playing with his wife and kids, preferably in the mountains of Utah.

The animal on the cover of Learning XNA 4.0 is a sea robin fish (Chelidonichthys
lucernus), otherwise known as a sapphirine gurnard. While the body of the fish is usually a somewhat bland color mix of browns, reds, and whites, its eyes are a striking
peacock blue.
The sea robin fish is so named because it swims across the ocean floor and opens and
closes its fins in a manner reminiscent of a flying bird. Some species of the fish also use
their fins to fly above water for short distances.
In addition to having “wings,” the sea robin fish also has six “legs” (three on each side
of its body) that were once part of its pectoral fin. These legs—which are really flexible
spines—allow the sea robin fish to stir up and detect food from the ocean floor while
The sea robin fish occasionally brings to mind yet another creature: when caught, the
fish croaks like a frog. Chefs say the sea robin fish can replace scorpion fish in bouillabaisse, and add that the fish has firm and tender flesh when cooked.
The cover image is from Lydekker’s Natural History. The cover font is Adobe ITC
Garamond. The text font is Linotype Birka; the heading font is Adobe Myriad
Condensed; and the code font is LucasFont’s TheSansMonoCondensed.

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