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CoffeeScript Programming with
jQuery, Rails, and Node.js
Learn CoffeeScript programming with the three most
popular web technologies around

Michael Erasmus


CoffeeScript Programming with jQuery,
Rails, and Node.js
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First published: December 2012

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Michael Erasmus
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About the Author
Michael Erasmus has been developing software for over 10 years. He has been a

C# programmer for quite a few of them, but has luckily been enlightened enough to
become an open source zealot during the last few years. The most loved tools in his
utility belt are Ruby and Rails, Linux, MongoDB, Vim, jQuery, and CoffeeScript.
He's interested in all manner of science and technology, but tends to dwell on
things such as elegant and eccentric programming languages, machine learning and
statistics, web development, Internet startups, and civic hacking.

He is currently working at 22seven.com, building a service that will help change
people's behavior and do more with the money they have...