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Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools

Test your web applications with multiple browsers
using the Selenium Framework to ensure the quality
of web applications

David Burns


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Beginner's Guide

Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools
Beginner's Guide

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First published: November 2010

Production Reference: 1171110

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ISBN 978-1-849510-26-4

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David Burns
Tarun Kumar Bhadauria

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Aanchal Kumar
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Melwyn D'sa

Lakshmi Menon
Cover Work
Tejal Daruwale

Melwyn D'sa

About the Author
David Burns is a Senior Developer in Test having worked with Selenium for quite a few
years. David is a Selenium Core Committer, so he knows and understands what users and
developers want from the framework.

I would like to thank my wife for supporting me while I was writing my
book and making sure I did things on time.
I would also like to thank the other Selenium Committers for answering
my questions and cheering me on to finish the book.

About the Reviewers
Tarun Kumar Bhadauria is an Electronics Engineer and hails ...
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