patterns of enterprise software architecture

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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
By Martin Fowler, David Rice, Matthew Foemmel, Edward
Hieatt, Robert Mee, Randy Stafford
Pub Date

: Addison Wesley
: November 05, 2002
: 0-321-12742-0
: 560

Table of Contents
The Addison-Wesley Signature Series
Who This Book Is For
Enterprise Applications
Kinds of Enterprise Application
Thinking About Performance
Part 1. The Narratives
Chapter 1. Layering
The Evolution of Layers in Enterprise Applications
The Three Principal Layers
Choosing Where to Run Your Layers
Chapter 2. Organizing Domain Logic
Making a Choice
Service Layer
Chapter 3. Mapping to Relational Databases
Architectural Patterns
The Behavioral Problem
Reading in Data
Structural Mapping Patterns
Building the Mapping
Using Metadata
Database Connections
Some Miscellaneous Points
Further Reading
Chapter 4. Web Presentation
View Patterns
Input Controller Patterns
Further Reading
Chapter 5. Concurrency
Concurrency Problems
Execution Contexts
Isolation and Immutability
Optimistic and Pessimistic Concurrency Control
Patterns for Offline Concurrency Control
Application Server Concurrency
Further Reading
Chapter 6. Session State
The Value of Statelessness

Session State
Chapter 7. Distribution Strategies
The Allure of Distributed Objects
Remote and Local Interfaces
Where You Have to Distribute
Working with the Distribution Boundary
Interfaces for Distribution
Chapter 8. Putting It All Together
Starting with the Domain Layer
Down to the Data Source Layer
Some Technology-Specific Advice
Other Layering Schemes

Part 2. The Patterns
Chapter 9. Domain Logic Patterns
Transaction Script
Domain Model
Table Module
Service Layer
Chapter 10. Data Source Architectural Patterns
Table Data Gateway
Row Data Gateway
Active Record
Data Mapper
Chapter 11. Object-Relational Behavioral Patterns
Unit of Work
Identity Map
Lazy Load
Chapter 12. Object-Relational Structural Patterns
Identity Field
Foreign Key Mapping
Association Table Mapping
Dependent Mapping
Embedded Value
Serialized LOB
Single Table Inheritance
Class Table Inheritance
Concrete Table Inheritance
Inheritance Mappers
Chapter 13. Object-Relational Metadata Mapping Patterns
Metadata Mapping
Query Object
Chapter 14. Web Presentation Patterns
Model View Controller
Page Controller
Front Controller
Template View

Transform View
Two Step View
Application Controller
Chapter 15. Distribution P...
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