Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

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Praise for Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby
“This is great stuff! Your descriptions are so vibrant and vivid that I'm rediscovering the truth
buried in OO principles that are otherwise so internalized that I forget to explore them. Your
thoughts on design and knowing the future are especially eloquent.”
—Ian McFarland, President, New Context, Inc.
“As a self-taught programmer, this was an extremely helpful dive into some OOP concepts that I
could definitely stand to become better acquainted with! And, I’m not alone: there’s a sign posted
at work that reads, “WWSMD?—What Would Sandi Metz Do”?
—Jonathan Mukai, Pivotal in NYC
“Meticulously pragmatic and exquisitely articulate, Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby
makes otherwise elusive knowledge available to an audience which desperately needs it. The prescriptions are appropriate both as rules for novices and as guidelines for experienced professionals.”
—Katrina Owen, developer, Bengler
“I do believe this will be the most important Ruby book of 2012. Not only is the book 100%
on-point, Sandi has an easy writing style with lots of great analogies that drive every point home.”
—Avdi Grimm, Author of Exceptional Ruby and Objects on Rails
“While Ruby is an object-oriented language, little time is spent in the documentation on what
OO truly means or how it should direct the way we build programs. Here Metz brings it to the
fore, covering most of the key principles of OO development and design in an engaging, easy-tounderstand manner. This is a must for any respectable Ruby bookshelf.”
—Peter Cooper, editor, Ruby Weekly
“So good, I couldn’t put it down! This is a must-read for anyone wanting to do object-oriented programming in any language, not to mention it has completely changed the way I approach testing.”
—Charles Max Wood, video and audio show host, TeachMeToCode.com
“Distilling scary OO design practices with clear-cut examples and explanations makes this a book
for novices and experts alike. It is well worth the study by anyone interested in OO design being
done right and ‘light.’ I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”
—Manuel Pais, editor, InfoQ.com
“If you call yourself a Ruby programmer, you should read this book. It’s jam-packed with great nuggets
of practical advice and coding techniques that you can start applying immediately in your projects.”
—Ylan Segal, San Diego Ruby User Group
“This is the best OO book I’ve ever read. It’s short, sweet, but potent. It slowly moves from simple
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