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What readers are saying about

Practical Vim
I’ve learned more about Vim by reading this book than I have from any other
➤ Robert Evans
Software Engineer, Code Wranglers
After reading a couple of chapters of Practical Vim, I realized how little I knew.
From intermediate to beginner in thirty minutes!
➤ Henrik Nyh
Software Engineer
Practical Vim continues to change what I believe a text editor can do.
➤ John P. Daigle
Developer, ThoughtWorks, Inc.
Drew has continued the wonderful work he has done with Vimcasts in this book,
a must-read for anyone serious about Vim.
➤ Anders Janmyr
Developer, Jayway
Practical Vim bridges the gap between the official documentation and how to really
use Vim. After reading a few chapters, I switched to using Vim as my default editor.
I’ve never looked back.
➤ Javier Collado
QA Automation Engineer, Canonical Ltd.

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Drew Neil does more than show the right tool for the job. He paces the narrative,
laying out the philosophy behind each decision. Instead of expecting you to
memorize everything, Practical Vim teaches you to think with Vim under your
➤ Mislav Marohnic
I’ve been using Vim for server maintenance for more than fifteen years now, but
I’ve only recently started using it for software development. I thought I knew Vim,
but Practical Vim has massively improved my code-wrangling productivity.
➤ Graeme Mathieson
Software Engineer, Rubaidh Ltd.
Practical Vim made me realize how much there is still to learn about Vim. Every
single tip can be easily and immediately applied to your workflow and will improve
your productivity manifold.
➤ Mathias Meyer
Author, Riak Handbook
Practical Vim is the ultimate treasure chest when it comes to Vim knowledge. I’ve
used Vim daily for over two years now, and this book has been nothing short of
a revelation for me.
➤ Felix Geisendörfer
Cofounder, Transloadit

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Practical Vim
Edit Text at the Speed of Thought

Drew Neil

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Dallas, Texas • Raleigh, North Carolina

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Programmers, LLC was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printe...
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