RFID Technology and Applications

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RFID Technology and Applications
Are you an engineer or manager working on the development and implementation
of RFID technology? If so, this book is for you.
Covering both passive and active RFID, the challenges to RFID implementation are addressed using specific industry research examples as well as common
integration issues. Key topics such as performance optimization and evaluation,
sensors, network simulation, RFID in the retail supply chain, and testing are
covered, as are applications in product lifecycle management in the automotive
and aerospace sectors, in anti-counterfeiting, and in health care.
This book brings together insights from the world’s leading research
laboratories in the field, including MIT, which developed the Electronic Product
Code (EPC) scheme that is set to become the global standard for objectidentification.
MIT’s suite of Open Source code and tools for RFID implementation is
currently being developed and will be made available with the book (via www.
This authoritative survey of core engineering issues, including trends and key
business questions in RFID research and practical implementations, is ideal for
researchers and practitioners in electrical engineering, especially those working on
the theory and practice of applying RFID technology in manufacturing and
supply chains, as well as engineers and managers working on the implementation
of RFID.
Stephen B. Miles is an RFID evangelist and Research Engineer for the Auto-ID
Lab at MIT. He has over 15 years of experience in computer network integration
and services.
Sanjay E. Sarma is currently an Associate Professor at MIT, and is also a
co-founder of the Auto-ID Center there. He serves on the board of EPCglobal,
the wordwide standards body he helped to start up.
John R. Williams is Director of the Auto-ID Lab at MIT, and is also a Professor of
Information Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering. As well as
many years of lecturing, has also worked in industry, and was the Vice President
of Engineering at two software start-up companies.
The Auto-ID Lab at MIT has developed a suite of RFID and software
specifications for an Electronic Product Code (EPC) network that have been
incorporated into EPCglobal and ISO standards and are being used by over 1,000
companies across the globe.

RFID Technology
and Applications
Edited by
Massachusetts Institute o...
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