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Praise for Design Patterns in Ruby
“Design Patterns in Ruby documents smart ways to resolve many problems that Ruby
developers commonly encounter. Russ Olsen has done a great job of selecting classic
patterns and augmenting these with newer patterns that have special relevance for
Ruby. He clearly explains each idea, making a wealth of experience available to Ruby
developers for their own daily work.”
—Steve Metsker, Managing Consultant
with Dominion Digital, Inc.
“This book provides a great demonstration of the key ‘Gang of Four’ design patterns
without resorting to overly technical explanations. Written in a precise, yet almost
informal style, this book covers enough ground that even those without prior exposure to design patterns will soon feel confident applying them using Ruby. Olsen has
done a great job to make a book about a classically ‘dry’ subject into such an engaging and even occasionally humorous read.”
—Peter Cooper
“This book renewed my interest in understanding patterns after a decade of good
intentions. Russ picked the most useful patterns for Ruby and introduced them in
a straightforward and logical manner, going beyond the GoF’s patterns. This book
has improved my use of Ruby, and encouraged me to blow off the dust covering the
GoF book.”
—Mike Stok
“Design Patterns in Ruby is a great way for programmers from statically typed objectoriented languages to learn how design patterns appear in a more dynamic, flexible
language like Ruby.”
—Rob Sanheim, Ruby Ninja, Relevance

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Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series
Obie Fernandez, Series Editor
The Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series provides readers with practical, people-oriented, and in-depth
information about applying the Ruby platform to create dynamic technology solutions. The series is based
on the premise that the need for expert reference books, written by experienced practitioners, will never be
satisfied solely by blogs and the Internet.

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Michael Hartl, Aurelius Prochazka • 0321480791 • ©2008
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Professional Ruby Collection: Mongrel, Rails Plugins, Rails Routing, Refactoring to REST,
and Rubyisms CD1
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