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2012 And Beyond

By Dr. Andy Williams
C reating Fat C ontent

Version 1.3.
Released: 21st September 2012

Pre & Post Penguin SEO
Webmasters Living in the Past
The 4 Pillars of Post-Penguin SEO
Quality C ontent
Does your article sound as if it was written by an expert?
2. Site Organization
Internal Links
Linking Pages Together
Another way to categorize your content - Tags
Use and Abuse of Tags
How to use WordPress tags properly
What if my site already has a lot of posts with spammy?
Modifying tag pages?
3. Authority
What about the links coming into your site?
Is Negative SEO real?
What type of Backlinks?
Anchor Text?
A Main Keyword Phrase?
Backlink Sources
Article Marketing
Forum Participation
Youtube & other Video Sites
Facebook page
Web 2.0 “Blogs”
RSS Feeds
Site Directories
Guest Blogging
PDF Distribution
When to stop backlinking
Backlinks to Backlinks

Summary of Back Link Sources
4. What's in it for the visitor?
Install Google Analytics and get a Google Webmaster Tools Account
Website Stickiness
Important aspects of a web page
Ways to build Trust
Types of content that can give your visitors what they want
Make your site Interactive

More Information from Dr.
Andy Williams
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The author and publisher of this eBook and the accompanying materials
have used their best efforts in preparing this eBook. The author and
publisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the
accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this
eBook. The information contained in this eBook is strictly for educational
purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this eBook, you
are taking full responsibility for your actions.
The author and publisher disclaim any warranties (express or implied),
merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The author and
publisher shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indi...
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