SPSS StepbyStep Tutorial

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SPSS Step-by-Step
Tutorial: Part 1

For SPSS Version 11.5

© DataStep Development 2004

Table of Contents


SPSS Step-by-Step
Introduction 5
Installing the Data



Installing files from the Internet 6
Installing files from the diskette 6

Introducing the interface


The data view 7
The variable view 7
The output view 7
The draft view 10
The syntax view 10

What the heck is a crosstab?



Entering and modifying
data 13
Creating the data definitions: the variable view


Variable types 13

SPSS Step-by-Step


Variable names and labels 15
Missing values 15
Non-numeric numbers, or when is a number not a
number? 15
Binary variables 15

Creating a new data set 16
Getting help in creating data sets and defining
variables 22
Creating primary reference lists 24
Frequencies 24
Descriptive statistics: descriptives (univariate) 25

Recodes and Transformations 26
Backup the original file 26
Recoding existing variables 27

Recode income data 27
Recoding variables revisited 37
The one exception in recoding variables
The other exception 37



SPSS Step-by-Step

Charting your data


Using the automated chart function


Using the Interactive Chart function
Creating a chart from scratch 45




SPSS Step-by-Step

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) has now been in development for
more than thirty years. Originally developed as a programming language for conducting statistical analysis, it has grown into a complex and powerful application
with now uses both a graphical and a syntactical interface and provides dozens of
functions for managing, analyzing, and presenting data. Its statistical capabilities
alone range from simple perentages to complex analyses of variance, multiple
regressions, and general linear models. You can use data ranging from simple integers or binary variables to multiple response or logrithmic variables. SPSS also
provides extensive data management functions, along with a complex and powerful
programming language. In fact, a search at Amazon.com for SPSS books returns
2,034 listings as of March 15, 2004.
In these two sessions, you won’t become an SPSS or data analysis guru, but you
will learn your way around the program, exploring the various functions for managing your data, conducting statistical analyses, creating tables and charts, and preparing your output for incorporation into external files such as spreadsheets and
word processors. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to learn more ...
SPSS Step-by-Step
Tutorial: Part 1
For SPSS Version 11.5
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