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Developing Custom
Java™ Applications for

Tariq Tahir
Madrid, 25th October 2007

• Introduction to Java™ and Java ME
• Overview of the Java APIs for BlackBerry®
– User Interface & Persistent Data Storage
• Expandable Memory

– Wireless Transport & Push
• WiFi

– Application Integration
• Multimedia Playback & Streaming
• Camera
• GPS & BlackBerry® Maps

– Sneak Preview of JDE v4.3

• BlackBerry IDE and Simulators

Introduction to Java and Java ME
• Java ME is a standard set of Java libraries, designed to
be run on constrained devices
– Restricted subset of Java SE API libraries
– Has been adopted by major handset vendors and network
operators worldwide
– Device manufacturers provide device-specific API extensions

• Java on BlackBerry
– BlackBerry® smartphones run a Java-based operating
– Full support for Java ME standard (MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1)
– BlackBerry-specific Java API and transport extensions
• Enables applications to leverage unique features of BlackBerry
smartphones and service for simplified and enriched mobile
application development for the enterprise

– Applications are developed with:
• BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE)
• Eclipse/NetBeans (JDE Component Package)

Java on BlackBerry
• BlackBerry JDE v4.0 (Fall 2004)
– Full featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with
– Includes full support for Java ME MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1
– Includes BlackBerry-specific Java API extensions
– Supports all BlackBerry devices running v4.0+ handheld code

• BlackBerry JDE v4.1 (Fall 2005)
– Enhanced Java API set and new IDE features
– Support for Debugging in Eclipse

• BlackBerry JDE v4.2 (Fall 2006)
– New API enhancements (many specific to new hardware in
BlackBerry Pearl smartphone)

• BlackBerry JDE v4.2.1 (Spring 2007)
– Advanced API’s for multimedia and WiFi
– Bluetooth®, Security & Trust, Enhanced BlackBerry Maps API
Note: JDE is forwards-compatible with Handheld Software versions

Java on BlackBerry
• Java APIs for BlackBerry enable you to develop custom
client applications that provide:

Customizable user interface
Local data storage on the device
Event listening and system interfaces
Standards-based, secure wireless transport
• Communicate with back-end application or web servers via HTTP / TCP

For more advanced applications:

Integration with BlackBerry Email, PIM and Phone applications
Always-on background threads to listen for push data
Location-based services and audio pla...
Developing Custom
Java™ Applications for
Tariq Tahir
Madrid, 25
October 2007
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