The dRuby Book: Distributed and Parallel Computing with Ruby

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The dRuby Book
The dRuby Book is a fantastic introduction to distributed programming in Ruby
for all levels of users. The book covers all aspects of dRuby, including the principles
of distributed programming and libraries and techniques to make your work
easier. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in distributed programming in Ruby and wants to learn the basics all the way to advanced process
coordination strategies.
➤ Eric Hodel
Ruby committer, RDoc and RubyGems maintainer
dRuby is the key component that liberates Ruby objects from processes and
machine platforms. Masatoshi himself explains its design, features, case studies,
and even more in this book.
➤ Yuki “Yugui” Sonoda
Ruby 1.9 release manager
dRuby naturally extends the simplicity and power Ruby provides. Throughout
this book, Rubyists should be able to enjoy a conversation with dRuby that makes
you feel as if your own thoughts are traveling across processes and networks.
➤ Kakutani Shintaro
RubyKaigi organizer, Ruby no Kai

Any programmer wanting to understand concurrency and distributed systems
using Ruby should read this book. The explanations and example code make
these topics approachable and interesting.
➤ Aaron Patterson
Ruby and Ruby on Rails core committer
A fascinating and informative look at what is classically a total pain in the neck:
distributed object management and process coordination on a single machine or
across a network.
➤ Jesse Rosalia
Senior software engineer

The dRuby Book
Distributed and Parallel Computing with Ruby

Masatoshi Seki
translated by Makoto Inoue

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Dallas, Texas • Raleigh, North Carolina

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