TML 5 Games Development by Example - Beginner's Guide

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HTML5 Games Development by
Beginner's Guide

Create six fun games using the latest HTML5, Canvas, CSS,
and JavaScript techniques



HTML5 Games Development by Example
Beginner's Guide

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About the Author
Makzan is the founder of 42games Limited. He has been designing games since he was
a child. He likes to see how the well-designed interactions in his games can trigger the
emotions and influence the player. He believes that games should let a player share joyful
times with friends. Therefore, his favorite game type is multiplayer casual games.
Makzan also wrote a book named Flash Multiplayer Virtual World. It is about developing
a virtual world to play with friends in real time with Adobe Flash and socket server.

I would like to thank the entire team from Packt Publishing. The book
would not have been possible without the help from...
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