Alexandra Christian One Hundred Strokes EC Taboo Quickies (pdf)

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One Hundred Strokes
Alexandra Christian
Selene and Julian need to get away from it all and rekindle the excitement that has
been sorely lacking of late. Heading to the mountains for a romantic getaway, Selene
packs the one thing she knows will make her weekend enjoyable. However, when
Julian discovers her little secret, he’ll make her pay for her deviance. With the help of a
forbidden text and an antique hairbrush, their passion will ignite in a way that neither
A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Alexandra Christian

Alexandra Christian

Chapter One
Selene shivered as the night air slipped through the curtains and blew across her
skin, still wet from the bath. From the rumbling sounds outside, she could tell that a
storm was brewing somewhere over the mountains. The late summer humidity had
settled over them like a warm, wet blanket, charging the air with a strange electricity. It
seemed to reflect the dark mood of confusion and excitement that was rumbling deep
inside her. When her boyfriend Julian had suggested they go away, just the two of
them, she’d been taken by surprise. He had always been one of those workaholic types
and lately she’d grown tired of his excuses. Their relationship, once hot, heavy and
constant, had turned into a bi-weekly date night that might or might not culminate in
half an hour of mediocre sex. And even when they managed to have sex, something
was missing. She always found herself alone and unsatisfied.
During last week’s dinner date, Julian had sprung the idea of a weekend getaway to
the mountains to escape the August heat. Selene had been apprehensive at first,
thinking that perhaps it would end up being a business trip for Jules and she’d be left
alone in some hotel room, but her reservations had been quelled immediately. He’d
arrived at her apartment to pick her up with only a small valise of clothing and no cell
phone. Instead of his usual suit and tie with crisp white collar and perfect hair, he’d
donned a pair of jeans that were stylishly ragged and a T-shirt that seemed to cling in
all the right places. He looked relaxed and more sensual than she’d ever seen him. After
she’d commented about it, Julian had only laughed and said simply, “This weekend is
for you, darling.”
As Selene gazed around the room, she felt the truth in his words. The palatial
mountain house he’d reserved for their getaway was like something straight out of her
imagination. Dark wooden pillars r...
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