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BMH Technology Oy is an internationally renowned
company, specializing in turn-key supplies of materials handling systems for power generation, waste
recycling and pulp & paper industries.
Several decades of recognized work in the field
have seen the company’s reference base continue
its expansion to its present extensive and comprehensive state.

Long traditions
BMH Technology Oy is located in Rauma, Finland.
The history of the company began in 1929 with the
manufacture of a variety of light metal products,
railway carriages etc. Since the 1950s, the company has concentrated entirely on the development
and manufacture of conveyors and bulk materials
handling systems.
Over the decades the company has operated
under several, still well-known names: Lönnström,
Consilium Bulk, Consilium Bulk Babcock and BMH
Wood Technology Oy. In October 2007 the company became part of the Rauma-based Hollming
In the Hollming Group the operation of BMH continues as an independent business unit focusing on
its established four lines of business: BMH Energy,
BMH Enviro, BMH Wood and BMH Service. At the
close of 2007 the official name of the company was
shortened to BMH Technology Oy to better profile
the operation of the entire company.
With the Hollming Group’s resources and support behind us, there are bright prospects for the
company’s rapid growth and development.

Customer oriented approach
Our business aim is to fulfil our customers’ needs
by offering customized system solutions afforded
by our continuous and devoted R&D.
When you need to increase the capacity of your
existing plant, improve material flows, minimize environmental impacts or introduce new types of fuels,
our experienced staff and comprehensive product
range are at your service.
We use the latest computer aided design methods,
including 3D-modelling. Our abilities in technology,
project management, manufacture and erection
together with high-quality products and good cooperation partners guarantee a successful outcome
for our customers.



BMH Energy
BMH Energy leads the way as a supplier of turnkey solutions for the handling of biomass fuels to
industrial and municipal power plants.
Our fuel handling systems are compatible with
various types of power boilers of 20 – 1,000 MWth
and for a variety of fuels such as bark, peat, forest
residues, refuse-derived fuels, sludge, and coal fired alone or as co-firing fuel in various mixes.
Receiving, crushing and screening st...
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