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Notice that most of the problems have short, easy and elegant solutions, since you've noticed a trick/trap hidden
in the questions.
1. There are 5 pairs of white, 3 pairs of black and 2 pairs of grey socks in a drawer. If four socks are picked at
random what is the probability of getting two socks of the same color?
A. 1/5
B. 2/5
C. 3/4
D. 4/5
E. 1
No formula is need to answer this one. The trick here is that we have only 3 different color socks but we pick 4 socks,
which ensures that in ANY case we'll have at least one pair of the same color (if 3 socks we pick are of the different
color, then the 4th sock must match with either of previously picked one). P=1.
Answer: E.

2. If x is an integer and 9<x^2<99, then what is the value of maximum possible value of x minus minimum possible
value of x?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 18
E. 20
Also tricky. Notice that

can take positive, as well as negative values to satisfy

-7, -6, -4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. We asked to find the value of

, ans since

, hence

can be: -9, -8,



Answer: D.

3. Fanny and Alexander are 360 miles apart and are traveling in a straight line toward each other at a constant rate
of 25 mph and 65 mph respectively, how far apart will they be exactly 1.5 hours before they meet?
A. 25 miles
B. 65 miles
C. 70 miles
D. 90 miles
E. 135 miles
Make it simple! The question is: how far apart will they be exactly 1.5 hours before they meet? As Fanny and
Alexander's combined rate is 25+65 mph then 1.5 hours before they meet they'll be (25+65)*1.5=135 miles apart.
Answer: E.

4. If -3<x<5 and -7<y<9, which of the following represent the range of all possible values of y-x?
A. -4<y-x<4
B. -2<y-x<4
C. -12<y-x<4
D. -12<y-x<12
E. 4<y-x<12
To get max value of y-x take max value of y and min value of x: 9-(-3)=12;
To get min value of y-x take min value of y and max value of x: -7-(5)=-12;
Hence, the range of all possible values of y-x is -12<y-x<12.
Answer: D.

5. The angles in a triangle are x, 3x, and 5x degrees. If a, b and c are the lengths of the sides opposite to angles x,
3x, and 5x respectively, then which of the following must be true?
I. c>a+b
II. c^2>a^2+b^2
III. c/a/b=10/6/2
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and III only
E. II and III only
According to the relationship of the sides of a triangle: the length of any side of a triangle must be larger than the
positive difference of the other two sides, but smaller than the sum of the other two sides. Thus I and III can never
be true: one side (c)...
short, easy and elegant soluons
 !"#$
 #%# &
 !"# $%  &
'(!%) % #
& %!"% *+,
' ()
"$*#+,*-",++ **
 "1 %1!&21!!1" & $345&4/&
4.&4-&4&&&-&.&/&56 7! & 
' (.
!/'*!01## 
"0  *&
8 %9:13%"$;"$"<="
' ()
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