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Organic Chemistry


Classifying Organic Compounds

Reactions of Organic Compounds

Current Issues Related to
Organic Chemistry


How do the structures of
various organic compounds
differ? What chemical
reactions are typical of these
How can you name different
organic compounds and
represent their structures?
What do you need to know in
order to predict the products
of organic reactions?
How do organic compounds
affect your life? How do they
affect the environment?

Unit Issue Prep

Before beginning Unit 1, read
pages 110 to 111 to find out about
the unit issue. In the unit issue, you
will analyze an issue that involves
chemistry and society. You can
start planning your research as you
go through this unit. Which topics
interest you the most? How does
society influence developments in
science and technology?



t this moment, you are walking,
sitting, or standing in an “organic”
body. Your skin, hair, muscles, heart,
and lungs are all made from organic
compounds. In fact, the only parts of
your body that are not mostly organic
are your teeth and bones! When you
study organic chemistry, you are
studying the substances that make
up your body and much of the world
around you. Medicines, clothing,
carpets, curtains, and wood and
plastic furniture are all manufactured
from organic chemicals. If you look
out a window, the grass, trees, squirrels, and insects you may see are also
composed of organic compounds.
Are you having a sandwich for
lunch? Bread, butter, meat, and lettuce
are made from organic compounds.
Will you have dessert? Sugar, flour,
vanilla, and chocolate are also organic.
What about a drink? Milk and juice
are solutions of water in which
organic compounds are dissolved.
In this unit, you will study a
variety of organic compounds. You
will learn how to name them and how
to draw their structures. You will also
learn how these compounds react, and
you will use your knowledge to predict the products of organic reactions.
In addition, you will discover the
amazing variety of organic compounds
in your body and in your life.

Organic Compounds
Chapter Preview
1.1 Bonding and the Shape

of Organic Molecules
1.2 Hydrocarbons
1.3 Single-Bonded

Functional Groups
1.4 Functional Groups

With the C ϭO bond

Concepts and Skills


s you wander through the supermarket, some advertising claims catch
your eye. “Certified organic” and “all natural...
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