English for Accounting - Unit 6: Investment

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Unit 6


1-Cross-border investments
2-Different accounting practices
3- Intercultural issues
4- Globalization and the role of

* In Finance : investment is putting
money into something with the
expectation of gain.

What are cross border investments?


What will you care when deciding
cross-border investments?

Exercises 4/ page 44
1-financial statement
2-taxation system
3-income statement
5-lease product


2. Intercultural issues:

3. Business culture:
* Exercise 6/ Page 45: (listening)

Exercise 7/page 46:
1/ If you don’t mind, I’d prefer to answer
any questions you have at the end.

2/I’ll now be happy to take any questions.
3/There’re be three parts to my
4/I’ll start with a short description of the
general issues

Exercise 7/page 46:
5/Then we’ll look at some of the issue in
more detail.
6/ Finally, we’ll look at how you can creat
successful international teams.
7/ There’s no need to take notes unless you
really want to.

Exercise 10/page 47:
What is the globalization?

How does it affect you?

What differences of accounting is due to the

Thank you & good luck to you!