Environmental Biotechnology

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(Late Prof. M.V. Venkata Rao)
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Nature is God’s creation and man has no right to meddle with it. It is said “Man cannot
command nature except by obeying it.” Nature is bountiful and has natural assimilative and
self purification capacities. However if nature is overtaxed with pollution levels beyond its
natural assimilative and self purification capacities, it would lead to environmental degradation.
The development activities, though for man’s betterment, do have the negative aspects like
generation of pollutants and wastes leading to environmental degradation.
Environmental Biotechnology is a subject which deals with engineering applications of
principles of microbiology in solving environmental problems. In this book, some of the topics
like biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewaters, solid waste management,
bioremediation etc. with a dimension to suit to the spectrum of Environmental Biotechnology
have been dealt within scholarly detail.
This book is no doubt, a qualitative contribution to the existing corpus of scholarly knowledge
on Environmental Biotechnology.

Prof. M. Gangadhara Rao, Ph.D.

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Advances in technology have enabled modern man to have access to a wide range of material
comforts which were unimaginable even a few decades back. Yet the appetite for even more
comforts remains unsatiated. The ever-growing demands of man have put an unprecedented
burden on natural resources especially those related to energy production. The situation is
characterized by rapidly depleting natural resources and the release of gargantuan amounts of
waste products by a variety of industries, the transportation sector and urban household...