Environmental protection and natural resources

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Environmental protection and natural
I. Environment and natural resources
a. Concept:
b. Part:
II. Causes of pollution
III. Protection of the environment and natural
a. Concept:
b. Responsibility:
c. Measures:

Watch this picture and think about it

Sure these images about environmental
pollution, an issue that has long been a hot
point of debate.

And as you know:
Environment is a collection of all the natural
elements surrounding social and human, human
influence and impact the lives of human activity
such as air, water, moisture, biological, social
human society and institutions.
Environment is the living space of humans and
But nowaday , humans are gradually destroying it
Such as:

- The act of polluting the environment and natural
resources are depleted:
- + Littering
- + Pour industrial wastewater untreated into the water.
- + Use of fertilizers, pesticides improperly.
- + Cutting, indiscriminate deforestation.
- + Use of explosives, chemicals, fishing.
- Harm:
- + Deal ecological imbalance and environmental
- + Flood, flood, rain, storms, droughts directly affect
people's lives.

Discharge of untreated





Habitat Pollution

Some pictures of the wastewater discharge
Vedan into the Thi Vai River

Situation in the local environment

air, water, soil environment are contaminated

Environmental air:

-The Air pollution arising from the activities of
daily life and industry, which creates harmful
emissions to the organism: CO, SO2, CO2, NO2
... and dust.? - What causes air pollution are
diverse but mainly due to combustion of fuel:
wood, coal, oil, gas ...

Peak time in HCMC ,The dust from vehicles, factories,…

The soil environment
Chemical fertilizer has definitely increased
productivity, but the use of repetition, with very high
doses cause soil contamination by impurities mixed
in. Moreover nitrate and phosphate excess spread a
flowing surface water and pollute the water tables.
Also, agricultural chemicals, inorganic or organic can
also contaminate soil and students khoi.tui plastic is
one big problem.
In many chemicals used in agriculture, one can
distinguish the mineral (inorganic) and synthetic
organic compounds. They are pollutants upstream of
the soil. But the disruption of material cycles in
agricultural ecosystems modern pollution also causes
a downstream where some land.

Some pictures about it

Water Environment
• ...
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