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Manahan, Stanley E. "Frontmatter"
Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry
Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC,2001


Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, 2nd edition, is written with two
major objectives in mind. The first of these is to provide a reader having little or no
background in chemistry with the fundamentals of chemistry needed for a trade,
profession, or curriculum of study that requires a basic knowledge of these topics.
The second objective of the book is to provide a basic coverage of modern environmental chemistry. This is done within a framework of industrial ecology and an
emerging approach to chemistry that has come to be known as “green chemistry.”
Virtually everyone needs some knowledge of chemistry. Unfortunately, this
vital, interesting discipline “turns off” many of the very people who need a
rudimentary knowledge of it. There are many reasons that this is so. For example,
“chemophobia,” an unreasoned fear of insidious contamination of food, water, and
air with chemicals at undetectable levels that may cause cancer and other maladies is
widespread among the general population. The language of chemistry is often made
too complex so that those who try to learn it retreat from concepts such as moles,
orbitals, electronic configurations, chemical bonds, and molecular structure before
coming to realize that these ideas are comprehensible and even interesting and
Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry is designed to be simple and
understandable, and it is the author’s hope that readers will find it interesting and
applicable to their own lives. Without being overly simplistic or misleading, it seeks
to present chemical principles in ways that even a reader with a minimal background
in, or no particular aptitude for, science and mathematics can master the material in
it and apply it to a trade, profession, or course of study.
One of the ways in which Environmental Chemistry Fundamentals presents
chemistry in a “reader-friendly” manner is through a somewhat unique
organizational structure. In the first few pages of Chapter 1, the reader is presented
with a “mini-course” in chemistry that consists of the most basic concepts and terms
needed to really begin to understand chemistry. To study chemistry, it is necessary to
know a few essential things—what an atom is, what is meant by elements, chemical
formulas, chemical bonds, molecular mass. With these terms defined in very basic

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Manahan, Stanley E. "Frontmatter"
Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry
Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC,2001
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