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This is a new edition of second half of Physics for Everyone: Motion and
Heat by L. Landau and A. Kitaigorodsky. The aim of the book is to
provide the reader in a simple and intelligible way with a clear conception
of the basic ideas and most up-to-date achievements in modern physics.
The reader is offered an acquaintance with the variousphase states of
matter. with the structure and properties of liquidand solid solutions, with
chemical reactions and the law ofconservation of energy at the molecular
level. This book of the series Physics for Everyone, as well as the two
subsequent books (Electrons, and Photons and Nuclei), continues the
presentation of the fundamentals of physics.
The book was written for a wide rangereaders, from those taking their
first acquaintance with physics touniversity graduates, non-experts in this
particular field. It canwell be employed as a teacher's aid for enlivening the
teaching ofphysics on the school level.

-----Physics for Everyone

Book 2

L.D, Landau
A, I, Kitaigorodsky

Translated from
the Russian
by Martin Greendlinger,


M:r Publishers Moscow



Jla n l~ay
J\HTU ii rop.urc 1\



Fjr~l pu hl i-


(\dIt in"


II.lf~aT(\:II)CTUII « I]


ay rca»,

I rnnslnt iun ,
\ (i (' II u h I i ~ It o rs, l! }Rl I


Thi~ book has boon named JloleclIles. \f any chapters
from the second half of
previous hook, Ph usics for
Everyone, by Lev Landau and Alexander Ki ta igorodsk y,
have been included without revision.
The book is devoted mn in l v to a study of the structure
of mat ter d (l a1t w i t h fro m v ar i 0 11S as i}(~c t s. The at 0 m ,
however, remains. for tho t ime being. the ind ivisihlo

particle conceived hVl)PTllOCl'it IlS of ancir-n t (~I'Pcce.
Problem- rvla l ell 10 ", he m ot ion of m() Iecu los are considered, of COli i-c. hcr ause l he y are the ha-is for our
mod or 11 k 110 \\< JP due of 111 orm al ]11() t ion. A 1.1 CIt l ion h a ~
b.et: g'i veil.
wel J ~ to pro h1ems COliC -ning ph n:--;p t ranSltl()ll~"

In ,the year. si uc« the preceding edition of Physics
for ]!Jveryolle ,,,as ;pu bl ishcd , 0111" inform a tion Oil the
struct.ul'e' of rn()lpciJl~~ and t ho
interaction has been
considerably ~llpplprnPJlt.ed. Vl un v di~c()\erips II<lvU been
ltl.a~le lila t iJridgp t Ii t' ~a p::: lid we~> II till' P ruhlcru s d Dedi llg'
wit l the nlolc.ll'lJlcll· -t ruc tun- or -u hstnuco...
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