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The aim of the authors, the late Lev Landau, Nobel and Lenin
winner, and Prof, Alexander Kitaigorodsky, was to provide
a clear understanding of the fundamental ideas and latest
discoveries in physics, set forth in readily understandable
language for the layman. The new and original manner in which
the material is presented enables this book to be enjoyed by
a wide range of readers, from those making the first acquaintance
with physics to college graduates and others interested in this
branch of science. The book may serve as an excellent instructional
aid for physics teachers,
In this first of four, the motion of bodies is dealt with
from the points af view of two observers: one in an inertial and
the other in a non-inertial frame of reference. The law universal
gravitation is discussed in detail, including its application for
calculating space velocities and for interpreting lunar tides and
various geophysical phenomena.

-----Physics for Everyone

Book 1

A, I. Kitoigorodsky



Translated from
the Russian

by Martin Greendlinger,

Mir Publishers Moscow

<D1l3uRa AJUI scex
Kaura 1




A. H. RllTaiiropoAcKllH

l1ap;aTeJIbCTBO «HaYKa»

First published 1978
Second edition 1980

© I1aAaTeJIbCTBO «HaYKa»,
© English translation,
Mir Publishers, 1980
Printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics




After many years I decided to return to an unfinished
book that I wrote together with Dau, as his friends called
the remarkable scientist and great-hearted man Lev
Davidovich Landau. The book was Physics for Everyone.
Many readers in letters had reproached me for not
continuing the book. But I found it difficult because the
book was a truly joint venture.
So here now is a new edition of Physics for Everyone,
which I have divided into four small books, each one
taking the reader deeper into the structure of matter.
Hence the titles Physical Bodies, Molecules, Electrons,
and Photons and Nuclei. The books encompass all the
main laws of physics. Perhaps there is a need to continue
Physics for Everyone and to devote subsequent issues to
the basics of various fields of science and technology.
The first two 'books have undergone only slight changes,
but in places the material has been considerably augmented. The other two were written by me.
The careful reader, I realize, will feel the difference.
But I have tried to preserve the presentation princi...
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