Ryerson High School Chemistry 11 v3

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Matter and
Chemical Bonding

Observing Matter

Elements and the Periodic Table

Chemical Compounds and Bonding

Classifying Reactions:
Chemicals in Balance

Developing a Chemistry Newsletter


What are the relationships
among periodic trends, types
of chemical bonds, and
properties of compounds?
How can laboratory investigations help you represent the
structures and interactions
of chemicals in chemical
reactions, and classify
these reactions?
How can understanding the
properties and behaviour of
matter lead to the development of useful substances
and new technologies?
Unit Project Prep

Begin collecting ideas and
resources for the project at the
end of Unit 1.



ame ten things in your life
that do not, in some way, involve
the products and processes of
chemistry. Take your time.
Are you having trouble? Can
you name five things that do not
involve chemistry?
Are you still thinking? Consider
each room in your home. Think
about the bathroom, for example.
Does soap involve chemistry? Do
toothpaste, cosmetics, and shampoo
involve chemistry? Think about
the light in the bathroom. Without
chemistry, there is no glass to
make lightbulbs.
Move to another room. Walk
quickly. The floor is disappearing
beneath your feet. Pause briefly to
watch the paint fade away from the
walls. In a moment, the walls will
be gone, too.
The story is the same if you step
outdoors. There are no sidewalks,
vehicles, people, trees, or animals.
A world without chemistry is a
world without anything! Everything
in the world, including you, is made
up of matter. Chemistry is the study
of matter: its composition, its properties, and the changes it undergoes
when it interacts with other matter.
In this unit, you will explore matter.
You will learn how to predict the
kinds of bonds (the chemical
combinations) and the reactions
that occur during these interactions.

Observing Matter


magine a chemical that
• is a key ingredient in most pesticides
• contributes to environmental hazards, such as acid rain, the greenhouse
effect, and soil erosion
• helps to spread pollutants that are present in all contaminated rivers,
lakes, and oceans
• is used in vast quantities by every industry on Earth
• can produce painful burns to exposed skin
• causes severe illness or death in either very low or very high
concentrations in the body
• i...
Ripped by Jack Truong, if you bought this, you got ripped off.
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