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Jane Genovese is a public speaker, university graduate of Law and Arts
(majoring in Psychology) and passionate global warming advocate. She
became concerned about global warming after reading an article on Artic
Eskimos losing their way of life due to rapid climate change. This
motivated her to study Environmental law and International Environmental
law at university. Shortly after, she created the “Global Warming: Too Hot
to Handle?” workshop and this book with her mother, Sharon. In her spare
time, Jane enjoys salsa dancing, watching good documentaries and going
to the gym.

Contact Details
PO Box 32
Bullcreek Post Office
Bullcreek Western Australia 6149
Email: jane@learningfundamentals.com.au
© 2007 Jane Genovese. All rights reserved.

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I would like to thank my family for their passion and commitment to do whatever they can to combat
global warming. Without their concern and stand, this book would not have been possible. They have
inspired me to be responsible for my actions and future. Special thanks to my mum for the countless
hours she spent illustrating this book and to my dad and brother for all their help too.
Thanks to my environmental law lecturers as well as Ben Rose and Al Gore for waking me up to the
climate crisis and calling me into action.
Thanks to the team at PublicityShip.com.au for all their support and inspiring me with the idea of creating
this ebook. Special thanks also to my wonderful Master Mind Alliance group (Chris, Ned and Bridget).
Thanks to Rob and Brenda at Environment House. Their commitment to helping the community live
greener and cleaner lives is an ongoing source of inspiration.
I would also like to thank my good friends, Zayd Azmi, Dean Lasslet and Gerald Zeng, for their feedback
and help in compiling the book.
This book is for you all.

Jane Genovese
© 2007 Jane Genovese. All rights reserved.

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This book contains a series of mind maps. You may be thinking
‘What is a mind map?’ A mind map is a creative way of displaying
information, which involves exaggerated images, different colours
and curved lines radiating from a central idea.
Why have I bothered to use mind maps? A mind map is an
effective way of learning new information. The colours, branches
and images stimulate your mind and allow you to remember
information more easily. Mind maps also give you an overview of a large subject area and help you to
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