Assessment in Health Professions Education

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Assessment in Health
Professions Education

The health professions, i.e., persons engaged in teaching, research, administration, and/or testing of students and professionals in medicine, dentistry,
nursing, pharmacy, and other allied health fields, have never had a
comprehensive text devoted specifically to their assessment needs.
Assessment in Health Professions Education is the first comprehensive text
written specifically for this audience. It presents assessment fundamentals and
their theoretical underpinnings, and covers specific assessment methods.
Although scholarly and evidence-based, the book is accessible to nonspecialists.
• This is the first text to provide comprehensive coverage of assessment in the
health professions. It can serve as a basic textbook in introductory and
intermediate assessment and testing courses, and as a reference book for
graduate students and professionals.
• Although evidence-based, the writing is keyed to consumers of measurement topics and data rather than to specialists. Principles are presented at
the intuitive level without statistical derivations.
• Validity evidence is used as an organizing theme. It is presented early
(Chapter 2) and referred to throughout.
Steven M. Downing (PhD, Michigan State University) is Associate Professor
of Medical Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is the
Principal Consultant at Downing & Associates. Formerly he was Director of
Health Programs and Deputy Vice President at the National Board of Medical
Examiners and Senior Psychometrician at the American Board of Internal
Rachel Yudkowsky (MD, Northwestern University Medical School, MHPE,
University of Illinois at Chicago) is Assistant Professor of Medical Education
at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has been director of the Dr. Allan
L. and Mary L. Graham Clinical Performance Center since 2000, where
she develops standardized patient and simulation-based programs for the
instruction and assessment of students, residents, and staff.

Assessment in Health
Professions Education

Edited by
Steven M. Downing, PhD
Rachel Yudkowsky, MD MHPE

First published 2009
by Routledge
270 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016
Simultaneously published in the UK
by Routledge
2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN
Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business
This edition published in the Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2009.
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