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Today, the United States is stronger and better positioned to seize the opportunities of a still new century
and safeguard our interests against the risks of an insecure world.
America’s growing economic strength is the foundation of our national security and a critical source
of our influence abroad. Since the Great Recession, we have created nearly 11 million new jobs during
the longest private sector job growth in our history. Unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in 6
years. We are now the world leader in oil and gas production. We continue to set the pace for science,
technology, and innovation in the global economy.
We also benefit from a young and growing workforce, and a resilient and diversified economy. The
entrepreneurial spirit of our workers and businesses undergirds our economic edge. Our higher education
system is the finest in the world, drawing more of the best students globally every year. We continue
to attract immigrants from every corner of the world who renew our country with their energy and
entrepreneurial talents.
Globally, we have moved beyond the large ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that defined so much of
American foreign policy over the past decade. Compared to the nearly 180,000 troops we had in Iraq and
Afghanistan when I took office, we now have fewer than 15,000 deployed in those countries. We possess
a military whose might, technology, and geostrategic reach is unrivaled in human history. We have
renewed our alliances from Europe to Asia.
Now, at this pivotal moment, we continue to face serious challenges to our national security, even as
we are working to shape the opportunities of tomorrow. Violent extremism and an evolving terrorist
threat raise a persistent risk of attacks on America and our allies. Escalating challenges to cybersecurity,
aggression by Russia, the accelerating impacts of climate change, and the outbreak of infectious diseases
all give rise to anxieties about global security. We must be clear-eyed about these and other challenges
and recognize the United States has a unique capability to mobilize and lead the international community
to meet them.
Any successful strategy to ensure the safety of the American people and advance our national security
interests must begin with an undeniable truth—America must lead. Strong and sustained American
leadership is essential to a rules-based international order tha...
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