101 tips for online marketing

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101 SuperTips
by Harvey Segal

Book cover by eCover Design

Table of Contents
Chapter 1


01 Forums: the best place to start
02 How to post at forums − for PROFIT
Chapter 2

Affiliate Programs

03 How to choose an affiliate program
04 Beware! how you can lose commission
05 Never link direct to an affiliate site
06 Now THAT'S what I call a review
07 Put all your reviews on ONE page
08 Why you should conceal affiliate URLs − and how
09 Watch out for commission theft
10 Getting the edge over rival affiliates
11 Which are the best affiliate programs ?
Chapter 3

Website Design And Content

12 HTML − why it's a must know
13 Beyond HTML
14 Long or short copy ?
15 Split your sales page
16 Testing your sales page
17 Designing with stylesheets
18 Solving the navigation problem
19 When pop−ups are a must

20 Try hiding your email address
21 Never remove a web page
22 When it's time to redesign
Chapter 4

Website Promotion

23 Get your site reviewed − for free
24 Win customers by giving away FREE information
25 Harness the power of testimonials
26 The second MOST important page
27 Getting traffic − quickly
28 How to beat your PPC competitors
29 Are you tracking your results ?
30 Everything you'd like to know about trackers
31 Don't forget offline promotion
32 Did a VIP visit my page ?
33 An offer they can't refuse
34 My very own mall
Chapter 5

From Affiliate To Merchant

35 Your own product: why it's a MUST
36 Creating your own product
37 Can't create your own product ?
38 Where to find affiliates
39 How to manage your affiliates
40 Surprise your affiliates
41 How to JV with a super affiliate
42 Don't let your product get stolen

Chapter 6

Ebook Publishing

43 Where to start ? At the end !
44 Spring is here
45 Time to cover up
46 How to get your book checked out
47 Free or paid ?
48 Make your book rebrandable
49 Make your book viral
50 Solving the free book problems
51 Free or paid ? − more choices
52 Why not write a Tips book ?
53 Rivals: if you can't beat them
Chapter 7

Theme Sites: mini sites and content sites

54 Why a theme site ?
55 Creating a mini site
56 Creating a content site
57 Selling from a content site
58 Turn your content site into a book
59 Add a forum to your content site
Chapter 8

Ezine Publishing

60 What can I write about ?
61 Why don't they subscribe to your ezine ?
62 Why don't they read your ezine ?
63 When it pays to forget an item
64 How to exchange ads − properly

65 Beat that publishing dea...
101 SuperTips
by Harvey Segal
Book cover by eCover Design
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