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The Little
Tea and Snack Food


January 2012


The Little Tea
Business Plan
Course Name: Principles of Management
Code: MGT3371
Term: Fall 2011

Nguyen Phuong Mai

Students: Dinh Quoc Bao
Nguyen Van Ha
Nguyen Minh Tuan
Nguyen Tuyet Mai
Tran Dinh Phu

Principle of Managements


January 2012


The Little Tea Shop
The Little Tea Shop is a small tea shop which service Hanoi snack food and Vietnam tea in
an alley of a street in Hanoi. The Little Tea Shop is a locally owned Hanoi snack food and tea outlet
that will be positioned as a famous restaurant through our creative approach to the company's image
and detail presentation. The Little Tea Shop will provide a combination of excellent food and drink
at value pricing, with fun packaging and atmosphere. The Little Tea Shop is the answer to a nice
and good place of demand for snack-type fast food and tea. The Little Tea Shop is a place to dream
of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends,
chatting, or want to share your feeling to others, all in one. With the growing demand for highquality snack food, tea and great service, The Little Tea Shop will capitalize on its proximity to the
middle class including White-color labor, younger and student in Hanoi first and other big city after
to build a core group of repeat customers. The Little Tea Shop will offer its customers the best
snack food and other drinks in the area, as well as music about Hanoi that its patrons can heard to
enjoy their visit.
It’s a nice place for ones who come to talk with friends, family; or just to enjoy hours of quiet and
peace. And especially if you indulge in tea and Hanoi snack food, The Little Tea Shop is really an
idea place with many famous kinds of tea such as: Pink tea, Dragon eye, Palace tea, Queen tea,
Honey tea, Jasmine tea, Pomelo tea, Chrysanthemum tea... all from high quality tea and some
Hanoi snack food such as: “bánh gối”, “bánh rán” (salty and sweet), “nem chua” (fried and grill),
“bánh bao” (steam and fried)… Customer will be satisfied with its fresh air, antique style and
courteous service.
Besides The Little Tea Shop also has a kiosk of fast tea and food. It’s for ones who are busy and
don’t have much time. And you don’t have to wait too long for your order.
The company will operate a 50 m2 with 3 floor restaurant in HoanKiem district. The shop is
expected to grow sales revenue from 1.2 bill...
The Little Tea
Tea and Snack Food
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