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The 700-800 Club
Critical Reasoning
Critical Reasoning Topic 1: CONCLUSION


In the United States, about $5,200 per person per year is spent on health care, while in Britain the amount is about
half that. A recent study indicated that middle-aged white Americans have a significantly higher rate of diabetes
and heart disease than do middle-aged white Britons. Even after eliminating from the study the lifestyle differences
of diet, exercise, smoking, and drinking, the data showed that the Americans have poorer health than their British
counterparts. The statements above, if true, best support which of the following assertions?
Health care spending in the United States should be reduced by 50%.
More expensive health care causes a higher incidence of certain diseases.
The money spent on health care in the United States is not being used effectively.
The average health care spending for middle-aged white Americans is probably less than the average health care
spending for Americans in general.
Something other than diet, exercise, smoking, and drinking must account for the difference in health for the two
groups in the study.
Spokesperson: In the 2006 election of the city mayor, 55% of the voters were female. All the voters were between
ages 18 and 70 and 2/3 of them supported the incumbent mayor. The incumbent mayor won the election with a
substantially greater number of votes than any other candidate. If the statements made by the Spokesperson are

true, then which of the following must be true?

At least 1/2 of the female voters supported the incumbent mayor.
The incumbent mayor received stronger support from the female voters than from the male voters.
There were no other candidates in the election who received more than 30% of all the votes.
45% of the voters in the election were male and none of them were 75 years old.
If the proportion of male and female voters in the city remains the same, the incumbent mayor is also likely to win
the next election.


In 2003, the Making Hits Record Company spent 40% of its total budget on the production of ten albums, 30% of
its budget on the marketing of these albums, and the remainder of its budget on overhead costs. In the same year,
the Song Factory Record Company spent 20% of its total budget on the production of 10 albums and 60% of its
budget on the marketing of these albums. Making Hits sold a total of 800,000 copies of the ten records it ...
(700-800 LEVEL)
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