Culture of England

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Culture of England
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Culture of England
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The culture of England is defined by the idiosyncratic cultural norms of England and the English
people. Owing to England's dominant position within the United Kingdom it can be difficult to
differentiate English culture from the culture of the United Kingdom as a whole.

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Architecture and gardens[edit]
See also: List of historic houses in England, List of English Heritage properties, and List of
National Trust properties in England

Chatsworth House, a famous example of an English country house surrounded by an English

English architecture begins with the architecture of the Anglo-Saxons. At least fifty surviving
English churches are of Anglo-Saxon origin, although in some cases the Anglo-Saxon part is small
and much-altered. All except one timber church are built of stone or brick, and in some cases
show evidence of reused Roman work. The architectural character of Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastical
buildings ranges from Coptic-influenced architecture in the early period, through Early Christian
basilica influenced architecture, to (in the later Anglo-Saxon period) an architecture
characterized by pilaster-strips, blank arcading, baluster shafts and triangular-headed openings.
Almost no secular work remains above ground.

Other buildings such as cathedrals and parish churches are associated with a sense of traditional
Englishness, as is often the palatial 'stately home'. Many people are interested in the English
country house and the rural lifestyle, evidenced by the number of visitors to properties managed
by English Heritage and the National Trust.

Landscape gardening as developed by Capability Brown set an international trend for the English
garden. Gardening, and visiting gardens, are regarded as typically E...
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