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IOE grade 5
Câu 1: Is Tim’s new classmate good _ _ listening to and speaking Korean.
Câu 2: Children under five don’t ha_ _ to pay to get in.
Câu 3: Is it a new house _ _ an old one?
Câu 4: Kudo’s mother is from the Philippines and her nationality is Fi_ _ _ _ _ _.
Câu 5: Odd one out: A. computer; B. TV; C. volleyball; D. cassette.
Câu 6. Who is that? It’s … sister. … name is Anne.
A. Mary’s/ Her; B. Mary/ Her; C. Mary/ Hers; D. Mary’s/ She
Câu 7. My aunt teaches in a sm_ _ _ school in the village.
Câu 8. My family’s picture is _ _ the wall.
Câu 9. After breakfast, I _ _ _ dressed and go to school.
Câu 10. We saw mu_ _ _ _ _ _ show in Tuoi Tre theater in the afternoon.
Câu 11. ….? Pink.
A. What colour you do like; B. What colour do you like
C. What colour you like; D. What colour are you like
Câu 12. How often do you go to the zoo, John?
A. Twice a months; B. Twelve minutes; C. Very often; D. Yes, I do.
Câu 13. Bruce was happy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ he was the best player.
Câu 14. Jennifer and her close friend like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TV and reading stories in English.
Câu 15. How _ _ _ _ times should we go to the dentist every year.
Câu 16. _ _ _ don’t we go to the beach? That’s good idea.
Câu 17. I … at home, … the house, and … all day last Sunday.
A. stayed/ cleaned/ cook; B. staying/ cleaned/ cooking;
C. stayed/ cleaned/ cooked; D. will stay/ clean/ cook
Câu 18. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:
A. cold; B. cool; C. circle; D. picnic
Câu 19. On Teacher’s Day, there _ _ _ many activities to honor our teacher.
Câu 20. Let’s meet tomorrow _ _ 7 pm.
Câu 21. What is your cousin’s apartment _ _ _e? It is big and neat.
Câu 22. How many fingers _ _ _ _ a person have?
Câu 23. What is your …? I’m Vietnamese.
A. country; B. language; C. capital; D. nationality
Câu 24. I like watching … on TV.
A. football match; B. football; C. a football; D. footballs
Câu 25. What _ _ _ Thanh Giong do when his rod was broken?
Câu 26. Among the school subjects Lenka likes Literature _ _ _ best.
Câu 27. My sister bought me a to_ _ _ when she went shopping last Saturday.
Câu 28. There are _ _ _ _ fingers in one hand.
Câu 29.What did Mr. John’s daughter …? She drew a picture of landscape.
A. drawn; B. drew; C. draw; D. draws.
Câu 30. Does your little son have English … Tuesday? Yes, he does.
A. in; B. on; C. by; D. at.
Câu 31. What does your little daughter want _ _ do this weekend?
Câu 32. Cl_ _ _ your book and listen my question.
Câu 33. There ...
Câu 169. Nam wants to become an architecture in the future.
Câu 170. How much rice is there in the kitchen?
Câu 171. I enjoy my life here. I have many friends and we often meet some other.
Câu 172. How does Nanny go to school every? – She walks to school.
Câu 173. Does he … to the park? Yes, he goes to the park on foot.
A. ride; B. drive; C. travel; D. walk
Câu 174. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:
A. draw; B. place; C. hate; D. date
Câu 175. My classmate often practices speaking English with her roommate every day.
Câu 176. Is the supermarket next to the post office?
Câu 177. The Children’s Day is celebrated on the first of June.
Câu 178. Which games and sports did students play at the festival last Monday? – Football,
chess, hide-and-seek.
Câu 179. I have a glass of water or fruit … with my meat.
A. water; B. lemonade; C. juice; D. soda
Câu 180. How’s the weather … Hanoi? A. on; B. at; C. for; D. in
Câu 181. How far is it from your house to Quynh Coi primary school?
Câu 182. November 20th is a special day to teachers and pupils in my school.
Câu 183. What present did you like best on your 10th birthday?
Câu 184. How often do you go out with your friends? – Three times a month.
Câu 185. What does Nam do in his free time? – He … on the river.
A. does his homework; B. plays tennis; C. goes fishing; D. watches TV
Câu 186. My family goes to the supermarket … a week.
A. twice; B. the second; C. two; D. second
Câu 187. Why do you want to be an engineer in the future?
Câu 188. Miss Huong is going to visit her family in Hue by train this summer.
Câu 189. When did you go to the cinema? – On December 31st.
Câu 190. Barbara is waiting for her friends at the cinema.
Câu 191. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:
A. watch; B. party; C. park; D. toothache
Câu 192. Odd one out: A. teacher; B. engineer; C. warmer; D. driver
Câu 193. Where does Nancy sometimes go on Saturday evenings?
Câu 194. What’s your father’s job? - …
A. He is fine; B. He’s a teacher; C. He’s teacher; D. He’s teachers
Câu 195. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:
A. badminton; B. festival; C. different; D. write
Câu 196. nghe There are many kinds of fruits on the table … as: apples, grapes and oranges.
A. like; B. such; C. for; D.well.
Câu 197. What … ? – I’d like to watch cartoons.
A. do you like; B. you like would; C. would you like; C. you would like
Câu 198. Vietnam has … of beautiful mountains.
A. a lots; B. an lots; C. lot; D. a lot
Câu 199. Odd one out: A. Indonesian; B. French; C. Japanese; D. Australia
Câu 200. … going to the Festival in Da Nang? – That is good idea.
A. Would we like to; B. What do we do; C. Are we going to; D. What about
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